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Approval Documentation

Reinforcement bars splicing by the mechanical compression is approved and recommended by The Ministry for Regional Development, Building and Housing of Ukraine in 2008.

State “Research institute of building production” in collaboration with Sprut-Ukraine developed evaluation guidelines concerning implementation of rebar rods splicing connections by mechanical compression. Our recommendations passed through hearings and were approved by the leading specialists of our country to be widely applied.

Evaluation guidelines contain application fields, design and monitoring rules for compressed mechanical connections of reinforcing bars die-rolled sections according to DSTU 3760. Couplers are produced for reinforcement with 16 and 40 mm diameter of А400С и А500С. These connections can be applied for longitudinal and lateral reinforcing of concrete constructions.

The recommendations include directions concerning rebar splicing quality monitoring on the construction site and in laboratory.

Evaluation guidelines — full version

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TU U V 2.7-45.2-35641811-002:2008

Connection couplers for reinforcement bars

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TU U V 2.8-45.2-35641811-001:2008

Reinforcement bars splicing by the mechanical compression

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